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3 Jan 2015

About Resilience WaterWater resistant watches every different. There are Written Water Resist, there are also Water Resist 10 Bar, and there is also written Water Resist 100m. Are all the watches Water Resist could definitely be used when doing water sports, such as swimming? Apparently not.In general, the watches are written Resist Water alone (without any frills 10 bar or 100 m) is less well when used for swimming. Indeed watches will not die when splashed in the water, but when used in a long time can lead to moisture in the hour glass.

Are watches Water resist 100m could certainly be used for diving (diving with tube)? Not necessarily, Water Resist 100m does not mean hours can be immersed to a depth of 100 m, but the question is 100m water pressure (not the actual depth). Therefore, some manufacturers tend to use the unit bar (pressure) to measure the resistance of the water products.

Watches Water Resist 10 Bar, water resistance is roughly equal (but not identical) to the hours Water Resist 100 m or 10 ATM. Water resist 5 Bar = 5 ATM = Water resist 50m and so on.

Suggestions use of watches by its water resistance:


Water Resist: Hold splash water that is not pressurized, for example, when rain or washing hands

Water Resist 5 bar / 5 ATM / 50 m: Can be used to swim in the shallow waters, for example in the pool, not recommended for use on snorkeling in the sea.

Water Resist 10 bar / 10 ATM / 100 m: Can be used for snorkeling in the sea, is not recommended to use when conducting a jet ski.

Water Resist 20 bar / 20 ATM / 200 m: Can be used for snorkeling and jet skiing, not recommended for use Scuba Diving (diving with a tube).

For watches that can be used scuba diving is usually no additional posts Diver’s Watch, Diving Watch, or Dive Watch.

Which needs to be a record, regardless of water resistance of the watch you have, it is advisable not to operate the button or setting the clock while in the water. Because there is the possibility of movement can make a button that makes the water enters the gap case watches, especially watches, which have long used. Except for the clock type diver’s watch that is intended for use in water. toko jam tangan online




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